Monday, February 3, 2014

Art Sale! For a GOOD CAUSE!

Hello friends and family,

I wanted to invite you to my online art sale/ fundraising event!
Some of you may know that for the past 4 years my sister and I have been working on a documentary film about the 1964 book, "Fascinating Womanhood" and it's author, Helen Andelin. The film has been released in segments online (view blog here!) and is now in the final stages of becoming a complete 80 minute film. We are preparing the film for it's showing at some film festivals this year and would like your support!
Below are some of my favorite pieces I am selling to help complete the film. Shipping is included in the price. You can contact me at
Thank you and best wishes for the new year!
CAT, oil on canvas, 2x 2.5 ft, 1,300.00

BIGGIE, ceramic, 1.5 ft height, 950.00

GIRL, charcoal on paper, 24x30 in, 250.00

DOLL, oil and collage on canvas, 3.5 ft. x 6 ft, 2,500

MODEL, charcoal on paper, 24x 30 in, 250.00

BEAR, charcoal on paper, 24x 30 in, 250.00

SCHOOLGIRL, charcoal on paper, 24x 30 in, 250.00
STEPFAMILY, watercolor and labels, 32x 40 inches, 350.00

HUSBAND AND WIFE, charcoal on paper, 24x 30 in, 250.00

CINDERELLA, oil on canvas, 3.5x 5 ft, SOLD!

LITTLE MERMAID, oil on canvas, 3.5x 5 ft, 1,800.00

SLEEPING BEAUTY, oil on canvas, 3.5x 5 ft, 1,800.00

Monday, December 9, 2013

Eyes wide open

 This is the view from the front window. Duncan and I have yet to venture out into the freezing snow and instead prefer to enjoy it from the window.
 Here are some pictures from this afternoon! ENJOY!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Arrival of Duncan Andrew King (contains some graphic images, caution) :)

 Here I am, tired, after laboring 24 hours. I was really hungry and exhausted, the baby was tired too, but showing up OK on the monitor. Geoffrey slipped me a little sip of his Sprite when the nurse wasn't looking to keep me going (ha ha). We tried everything to keep this delivery a vaginal one, but in the end I was wheeled to the operating room.
 I like thinking I was in an episode of ER or something: drama drama drama! Actually, I'm glad we chose to do the C section when we did, the baby wasn't in trouble heartwise, or stuck in the birth canal, or anything too dramatic. It just seemed like the right way to put an end to this labor that wasn't dilating beyond an 8 and was taking forever!
 This is how C sections are done. Who knew??! I'm glad it's over, that's all I've got to say.

Yay! Here is the triumphant moment when they pulled this beautiful, strong, kicking and crying baby out of my womb. After they pulled him out they held him up over the curtain so that I could see him. He looked so healthy and strong! I loved him immediately.
 We were all surprised at how big he was!

Here he is the next day in Deena, his grandmother's arms. We already love this new addition to our family and can't imagine we could have ever lived without him.

Friday, November 22, 2013

the latest...

 Asher is in kindergarten, and he gets loads of homework! The teacher in me doesn't mind though, I think it's great for parents to share the learning load with their kids, it's also a great way for Asher to get one-on-one attention. Plus, Geoff does the homework with him, not me. ha
 Our little learner!
 This photo was taken on Veteran's day. This is our 90-year-old neighbor, Captain Lyons, who was a bomber pilot in WWII. He came over and gave us our very own presentation on his wartime experience. Really incredible stuff! We are grateful for our Veterans!
 Whitney gave me these old quilt squares. I just had to piece them together and quilt them. Now I have a new throw quilt. Thanks Whit!
 And, here's a selfie from this morning. I've been enjoying the one time in my life when I have a great excuse to not do anything. Sure, I putter around. I clean up. I do laundry, dishes, cook, teach twice a week, etc...but in the in-between-times, I rest. It's been nice to get back to the 19th century patterns of womanhood, back when if women were menstruating they didn't leave the house, and they didn't work while pregnant, and there was a fear of fainting spells or hysteria if you do too much or are overstimulated. In our contemporary society it's like you are supposed to pretend you don't menstruate or that being pregnant isn't a physical impairment. Of course, every woman handles it differently. I am so grateful for my free time and this chance to rest and take a break from all the motion around me.
Lastly, here's some paintings from one of my classes. I like how weird some of them are! :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Geoffrey turns 32!

fall family photograph attempts...

Fall Pictures

I went to Boise for a fantastic family baby shower. The food was good, company fantastic, and I got some really cute gifts to boot!
 Here are the women of my family, including my Grandma.
 Three generations
 Creme Brulee French toast and breakfast casserole!
 My mom's homemade whole wheat cinnamon rolls, a classic!
 I love this HUGE bag. :)

 Mother and Daughter Fredin
 Halloween wouldn't have been complete without a sugar cookie decorating session.
 The kids loved it of course. And nobody wanted to eat the cookies they decorated...