Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday to John Fox!

Yes, for my Dad's birthday I bought him an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. I knew he'd been wanting one for a long time. With my high paying job, I could finally afford to buy him one. To my Dad: Thanks for all your generosity, love, and counsel through the years. I love all the adventures we've had together, and hope for many more.  You're so fearless, generous, kind and brave. Happy Birthday Dad, hope you enjoy the weinermobile!

It was so fun having my parents, Andrew and Melanie in town for the weekend. We enjoyed Music and the Spoken Word, eating out, shopping, and seeing the sights of SLC. Today, this little ballerina and her mama showed up, first things first, we put on ensembles...who knows what else we'll end up doing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

!Feliz Cumple, Hermana Whitney!

This may very well be the picture I posted last year on Whitney's birthday, I just can't let her live it down I guess. :0

How could you not wish this woman bounteous birthday wishes? She was such a star sister in my "formidable" teenage years and through the years she has only shined brighter and brighter. Erin and I are constantly talking about all the nice things we have from Whitney: cute cards throughout our house, an adorable niece and 2 nephews, good recipes, polyester shirts, SASS shoes (that would be Erin), figurines and trinkets, cute cupcake liners, not to mention all the good conversations and gems of wisdom we've heard throughout our lives having Whitney at the helm of the family.  

Just today I was walking down the halls of my school, eating a cookie that the PTA gave me, and remembering the time Whitney and I decorated the door of Ivy's classroom teacher, Whitney is such a creative cat, and uses her talents so freely to help lighten the load of everyone in her path with all the pleasant and aesthetic elements she brings.
Happy Birthday Whitney!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Evening Thoughts

Listening to Pandora right now (Avett Brother's station), it's a rainy, gray and very overcast Wednesday evening. I should not have ordered Girl Scout cookies from a cute little first grader at my school. I have already eaten about ten today, how can something so small and delicious be so bad? I think they should change the product and packaging of Girl Scout Cookies. It should just be Girl Scout Cookie. singular. One big huge Samoa cookie would be a better, more honest serving. They are not the kind of cookies people share anyways, they are hidden in the cupboard with the pots and pans. Eating many cookies is probably not much worse than eating a piece of cheese cake, or a donut, but the fact that I ate about ten makes me feel like a warthog, if I had eaten just ONE rather large cookie I would have gotten it over with quickly. Adding to this "pumba" feeling, I went to Turbo-Kick class tonight at the gym. Before class I felt sleek and healthy, pearly white skin, ruddy cheeks, cute curly hair. Why does the jumping, punching and kicking, which over time as I get more exhausted in the class lead to the plain old jiggling of my body fat, make me feel worse in the end?

Anyways, I'm fighting a head cold, daylight savings time, and discouragement. Tomorrow is another day: Hakuna Matata... means no worries for the rest of your's not so bad being a warthog I guess. There are worse things.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fascinating Helen Update

We just came back from Los Angeles. While there we interviewed Dr. Dean Berry, Helen's brother, and last surviving immediate family member, we also interviewed Gilly, an FW teacher, and Irwin Zucker, Helen's publicity manager. Dean and Irwin are in their eighties. The interviews went well and as always, we learned more about the story of Helen and Fascinating Womanhood. We are now ready to begin the tedious editing process...also, maybe a trip to Japan. There are FW followers in Japan! JAPAN!
interviewing Dr. Berry
Erin and Dr. Berry
The filmmakers
Beautiful Santa Barbara and Erin
Wouldn't be a complete trip without a visit to Beverly Hills and Sprinkles!
Moises, Cubby, and Erin
Erin and Cubby have always had an interesting way of manifesting their friendship
At the Los Angeles County Museum with Chris Burden's lovely sculpture installation