Thursday, November 29, 2007


I printed all day today. This is how it came out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wary little girls

I just wanted to put something on my blog. This little print is 1 by 1 inch. tiny.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A brand new start!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm on a new kick. The semester will be over. The holidays will be upon us. While the holidays bring little crescent shaped almond cookies, chocolate truffles from Costco, and (we hope they don't forget us this year) the Jenkins' braided sweet bread with white icing and candied cherries for garnish, the holidays also bring lots of joy and mirth. Here's to the mirth! Why wait, I think I'll start with the mirth now...fa la la la, la la la!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

little baby sister Lauren is 20!

Lauren is a hip guitar player and singer (even when some wierd guy keeps talking to her),
a very serious shopper, as seen here at Goodwill in Seattle,
plus a great sister/friend. Happy Birthday Lauren! I love you!

p.s. i know i can't call you my "little baby sister" anymore. that was the last time. ok?

Monday, November 19, 2007

She's smart, pretty, and talented: Debra Fox

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes!

Dear Mom,
and I hope your Birthday is FANTASTIC!
your devoted daughter emily

It is cousin Mickey Martin's birthday as well. I snuck into his dorm this morning, and placed a cake on the kitchen counter. I hope he's having a super day.
and here's a preview for Lauren's birthday present! also, I forgot to pass the "survey" onto Erin Fox and Justin Fredin!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

all about me me me...

Lauren tagged me to answer the survey. so here goes:
1. ideal place to live: anywhere but provo. ha ha ha
2. jobs i've had: babysitter, kids camp counselor, swim instructor, winco deli worker, book layout, janitor for my dad's office, campus security, currently i'm a student and an art instuctor at a university (sounds impressive, eh?)
3. my junior high, high school, and college years: grades 6-8 were the best years of my life. why? i had a horse named Jane. i had a long pony tail and wore shorts and coyboy boots while riding her in the fields around my house. heavenly. high school was o.k. i was into the beatles, astronomy club, and tyler mcdonald. college has taken a long time: ricks, byu-idaho, western washington, columbia basin college and now byu. feels like freshman year all over again.
4. how did i meet my husband: i was sitting in the library with my nose in a book on edgar degas and he walked past, as he walked by he dropped the pen he was holding, so i picked it up, when our eyes met, i knew. i just knew.
5. describe myself: as of right now i'm extremely pessimistic and i can hardly stand myself. where is that carebear stare when you need it?
6. family: i'm part of the fox family. we are seven siblings. i'm the only one who is 25 at this moment. (years ago i mathematically figured out how sarah (2 years older) and i were the same age, her birthday is in may and mine in august, not accounting for the years between us, i concluded that during may-august we were the same age. it made sense to me at the time. i'm still not a winner in math.
7. my biggest accomplishment to date: i can play the tambourine with my foot.
8. my guilty confession: when walking to downtown in bellingham, i used to walk through the co-op to fill up on the crackers and artichoke dip. i'd take a sample, do a lap around the store and then take more samples, and then just walk out the door, crackers and dip in my mouth, and carrying even more in my hands. that's how i was a part of the 'community' co-op.

Friday, November 16, 2007

thanks to erin for the shirt!

truly, i do like the shirt, although i don't look very happy. i had really greasy hair and was in computer-head mode. art history. poo.
thanks erin, it made my day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Would you like some cookies?

This is what happens when I'm alone and supposed to be working on "serious" art. I haven't tried one yet, I'll bet matte medium and glitter tastes real good. There's probably some two year olds out there who can attest to that.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ode to joy: the Kendricks

Saturday I dined with Ethan, Becki and Jeremy. Steak, Homemade rolls, and raspberry jam. Need I say more? Of course, we did some guitar hero after the exquisite meal. I did alright with Beastie Boys Sabotage. And Ethan is "the only kid who wants his mom to knit," according to Becki. (See Ethan opening the knitting satchel.) Thanks Kendricks, you light up my life!

I'm a one man basement band

Saturday, November 10, 2007

i miss all the old music (lament)

There's nobody to play with in this dinky town...sigh.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Tribute to Dad and His Teal Fleece

The teal fleece that has long adorned the torso of the legendary John Fox while climbing countless Andean peaks and traversing the rugged Alaskan wilderness has now seen the splendour and grandiosity of Stewart Falls deep inside the Provo Canyon. Granted, it was a measly 2 mile hike along a mostly flat terrain, beautiful nonetheless. Pictured are my friends Chelsea McCoy and Mikell Gibbons (cousin to Brock). Hooray for Autumn!

Come with me to the Grand America Hotel...

My roommate Kate and I dined in style this weekend at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake. We had the Seafood buffet. I did not include plates number 1 and 2 in the blog photos, but the sushi is on my third trip to the buffet. And for the dessert plates, there is an assortment of chocolate mousse and fruit desserts on dessert plate 1, dessert plate 2 consists of a raspberry cream and sponge cake and a chocolate covered strawberry. It was delicious. The lights were very dim, hence the fuzzy photographs. I think treating yourself to a fancy shmancy dinner every once in a while is a totally valid way to celebrate your life. Where was the last place you ate a really great meal?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

October 31 2007

Due to lack of planning, I was a nerd this year. That costume is way too common (can we even call it a costume?) but it's so easy! I ate some candy and went to some lame dance parties in my neighborhood. I didn't get any reeses peanut butter cups this year, probably for the best...