Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Dress

This is the dress I just finished sewing. It's a vogue pattern that I had to adjust slightly because I made it too small. No sense in making something you can't even button up! It's made out of a linen-like cotton and lined in bright pink . My mom gave me the vintage brown plastic and diamond (real diamonds!) buttons. Erin is in town and took the photos. Now I can go be a war secretary in 1944 Great Britain.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The doo or don't.

I did it. I went for the Amelie bangs that earlier this week, remarking to my mother and sister in the kitchen I said, "I've always wanted those short, little, 50's-girl-bangs." Quickly, in stern unison they replied, "DON'T." Well, I DID. Not sure about it. I think it makes my nose look big. Call it the changing seasons, nervousness and dread of school beginning, or just the need for something new. Changing one's hair seems about the only thing one can mess with and it isn't permanent, it's also not morally wrong.
Also, in preparation for school, I framed a note given to me by one of my students. He liked my class, it's a source of positive affirmation for me, so I stuck where I can see it often and remember, "hey, I'm not that lousy of a teacher." Happy School Season!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring on the BAKED GOODS!

My new and exciting kitchenaid came in the mail! I have the 6 quart, metallic grey one. I used the money I made from the wedding cake (see last post) to purchase this heavy-duty, cake building machine of glory. I haven't tried it out yet. What will I make first???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Caked out.

It is true, you can have TOO MUCH cake. I am sugared out to the max (until tomorrow). This was yesterday and today's project: a chocolate groomscake/birthday cake and the 3-tiered wedding cake. I made the cupcakes with the extras (why the 2? was I pretending I have a two-year-old and the cupcakes were for her birthday? probably, too much domestic activity makes me daydream.)

This is the theme of the wedding cake: lemon and blackberry
Buttermilk cake with blackberries (dusted in flour for better baking!)

Putting it all together: lemon cake and lemon curd on the bottom layer, buttermilk blackberry with blackberry filling on the top, all frosted with a lemon-zesty buttercream frosting. Main ingredient for all this: BUTTER. :)
The final product: (before the fresh flowers and ribbon, I don't have a picture. sorry.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friends. Food. Fun.

Thanks to all who wished me birthday cheer! I had a fabulous day surrounded by friends and good food (what else do you need?). The chocolate peanut butter cake was DIVINE! Thanks to Kate for making it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Drawing with Degas

I was fortunate to have a very friendly, elegant, and beautiful model come to my class on Thursday! She did a fabulous job posing as a dancer, this is just one of her many talents!here is a sneak peak at my next video. Note the horrific tan. Kind of a 3-D Warhol inspired Marilyn Monroe, I'll post the video when I'm done!