Thursday, April 25, 2013

Da Boys

 These are Geoff's treasures from a recent Geology Field Trip. Our house is turning into a gallery/ rock shop with the two of us combined. Come visit sometime, you'll find something interesting, I'm sure!
 The boys (with our neighbor friend) playing video games. Even toddlers like to watch people play video games, and here I thought it was just Tyler, Landon, and Lanny who passed hours watching each other play Zelda, back in my high school days.
A quiet night, just the sounds of Asher splashing in the tub.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Weekend

 My Mom gave in to town and treated Erin and I to some Saturday afternoon tickets for the conference session. Here we are all rosy and aglow from the Spirit. :)
 Post conference mayhem on the square

 Later we hooked up with Aunt Vanessa and Monique (not pictured, she stayed in the car). We ate Korean food and then drove out to the Salt Lake. The sun was setting, it was extremely windy and salt and sand were flying everywhere. Nonetheless we still enjoyed taking theatrical photos.

Grandma Deb is the best! Thanks for coming and brightening our home!