Friday, December 28, 2012

Just the facts

It's 8:03pm on a Friday night at the museum. I am at work, holding down the fort from the front desk. I had a great day today relaxing on the train with Jessica, riding up and down the Wasatch front. We got inspired at the BYU Art Museum, rediscovered the quintessential hamburger-and-fries at the Creamery on 9th, and then ended the day together nibbling on lemon pound cake, tuna salad, organic oranges, and zesty guacamole from the Whole Foods sampling cases. I thought it was a great day, until part two of my workday began and I showed up for my front desk shift at the museum, which entails answering the phone, greeting/goodbye-ing people, and managing coat check. In a nutshell, I'm bummed out that I'm only making eight dollars and fifty cents an hour while I sit here. I make a considerably better hourly wage when working my other museum duties, and this news was very disheartening.

Add to that, I was talking to my boss at the museum, who has taught adjunct for years, straining to take care of his family, stay up to date on the art world, and maintain high teacher ratings, all while being paid a quarter of what tenured professors recieve. He is well acquainted with the slummy artist/ teacher/ whatever lifestyle: poor wages, non-employable skills, strain of finances affecting one's ability to make creative work. He confided, "I've even thought about going back to school to become a nurse (nice job Lauren!).

In any case, my heart goes out to my sister Erin, my graduate school friends, and art friends all over the internet, and to myself. It's tough to find work that values all the time, energy, and money we've put into our education. I'm saying this because it's time to get a real job. Not three part time jobs, but one job. I know, I've said this before, but I mean it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Break in Boise

 Here's me and Jessica riding the train to SLC with the boys.
 Boy antics.

 We headed off to Boise on Sunday and stayed until Christmas Eve Day. Among the many fun things we did, we spent a day with Grandma Deb. She treated us to all kinds of adventures: food at Rotten Ronnies, the French Bakery, Whole Foods, a trip to the Birds of Prey Museum, shoe shopping, and treats at Sonic. Thanks Grandma Deb!

 Grandpa Bruneel took Geoff, Asher, Trig, and Blaze out to feed cows. Asher couldn't stop talking about meeting the bull, Norman.
 Grandma Deb's beautiful Christmas decorations.
 Christmas celebratory breakfast with Boise friends.

 We had a wonderful time in Boise recouping after a long semester and busy work schedule. Now it's back to Ogden, back to school, and back to the grind. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 I saw this as I left the house this morning, thank you Asher. See below for detail.

 The neighbor's house is getting torn down today!

 These last pictures are from Deena's pink birthday party dinner. Happy Birthday to a wonderful mother-in-law!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hung by the chimney with care...

Been working on these from my Utah sweatshop, one for everyone!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday night at the King House

Christmas involves a lot of hot pink in my house, and it seems right to me, as this is my first Christmas as the designated Alpha- Female (as opposed to the passive/aggressive-contending-for-decorating-power-roommate that I used to be). No one is interfering here with my artistic direction for the holiday this year, that's why it looks the way it does. Although, Asher told me today that he likes his mom's tree better than mine. That boy needs a little more creativity in his life. I think that's part of my mission as his step-mom. Anyways, let the Christmas season begin! More holiday posts to come!

Thanksgiving Day!

 Thanksgiving day was delicious! We enjoyed wonderful company and tasty vittles, just like one should on such a holiday. Here are some photos from the meal!
 Mr. and Mrs. King. The former caught off guard and the latter with a beefy neck.
 My plate! yum!
 Aunt Sharlotte, the wonderful host. The details were a bit hazy to me, but at one point we all ended up with our napkins on our heads. It could have been too much wine, but I think there was a reference to a deceased relative who in jest always wore a napkin on their head at the meal...hmmm.

I am thankful for my new husband and son, and all my new extended family. I've enjoyed getting to know them and finding refuge and support in a whole new group of people.