Sunday, August 26, 2012


Jessica and Bender

Erin at the Logan Temple

Bear Lake

Chelsea and Caleb

Lianne and Kensey McCoy

Picnic's over, sun is setting, time to go

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's going on?

 This is what's been going on: This one-week-old special guest, straight from Heaven, slept on my bed for a couple days while her mother was next door sorting through the wreckage of her home (see previous posts.) It's sad but true, the quilt I made for this little angel burned up in the fire. Oh, well! It's just stuff, right?

 This little angel, originally from Heaven, has been spending a lot of time on the couch, leg propped up, and icing. (See picture below.) Also pictured, is our "new" TV. While driving through the residential streets of SLC, we found a huge, and perfectly working television on the side of the road. Let me just say we've been watching a lot of movies lately!
 How did it happen? On a brief evening walk Friday night, while passing a fenced home, Geoff asked me, "Do you think I can jump over this fence?" Honestly, I didn't really care. Geoff is amazing in my book already- high jumper or not. Well, he took off to jump the fence; didn't make it off the ground. This is the ankle he has broken previously, so it's likely to take a long time to heal. 
 Here is another angelic soul: Jessica. She has a great shot! Even from a swimming pool!
Lastly, this is from today. I've been acting very nutty and emotional, and stressy, I need my Mama like a baby horse needs his??.  School starts on Monday. I'll be teaching drawing and 2-D design at Weber State. I've been a nervous wreck preparing for it, and am excited for classes to get started. Let's get this thing rolling! I'm also back at UMOCA this fall, taking the art truck around with a new exhibit from a Latino artist from Texas. I'm excited!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


 I knew I was getting old when all I wanted on my birthday from Geoff were some projects finished. He cleaned the car, hung the curtain rods, changed the old nasty toilet seat with a nice white one, and also bought me a frisbee, gardening gloves, chocolates, flowers, and a nice dinner on historic 25th street.
 The pictures of the house show the rug, curtains, and pillows my Mom and Whitney gave me. I am liking my new cozy house, more and more. I also will mention, that Whitney took me to super tasty Thai restaurant in Boise, Erin let me out of a loan I owed her, Sarah made me a beautiful card and lip balm, and my parents bought me a much-coveted Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Not to mention all the facebook well wishes and texts I received that day. Thanks to all for a fantastic birthday!
new old curtains
new curtains and rug

new pillows

 The thirty year old herself.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

McCall, Boise, Odgen

 McCall was exceptionally beautiful this year. We all had  blast at the Bruneel Reunion.
 This is how Asher looked most of the time. It's amazing how a few elements: water and sand, provide hours of enjoyment.

 baby ted. or "Super Ted" as Asher, Annika, and Geoffrey called him.

 We had such a fun time in McCall and Boise and count our blessings that this wasn't our house! Remember how I last posted a pink baby blanket? It was for our neighbors, whose house is pictured below. The baby came on Monday, and the house burned down on Wednesday. Read all about it here.

Lastly, here is family photo that I think captures us all very well. I love my family and am grateful for them. I was standing outside today, talking to my neighbor whose house burned down, and probably saying stupid things- what can you say to a man who has lost everything? He told us how the neighbors and community have donated so many things to his family that he had to rent a storage unit, and that the Relief Society was bringing dinner to their hotel. It indicates to me that there is a lot of love and compassion left in the world. Phew!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

pink and green

My neighbor is having a baby on Monday! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughts on the step family

watch the video from the YOUTUBE SITE so it's not cut-off.

video test

i'm getting the artistic video urge back. since i haven't an editing program, i'm trying to learn microsoft movie maker...we'll see if i can make anything...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

baby quilt

I'm having a stint in quilt making lately. lots of babies popping up around, so there's plenty of people to gift these to. :) it's been fun to do intricate and crazy quilting on the machine. more to come!