Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween DANCE

This year's theme: wigs.

On the Farm: Missouri

Erin and I travelled to Pierce City, Missouri last weekend to film and interview the family of Helen Andelin, author of Fascinating Womanhood. Along with interviewing her son, Brian, we also interviewed the town mortician, Helen's trainer at the YMCA, as well as her banker. Here we are in her house (she passed away last year), interviewing her son Brian.
 An excellent meal of farm raised beef and rice prepared by our excellent host, Brian.
 Helen's little cottage, where we stayed.
  In town.
 Heading home: to jobs, the city, and mountains. It was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful autumn leaves, warm weather, acres of green, and the wonderful Andelin families dotted all over the farm.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nature/ Nurture exhibit at BYU, etc.

I have a few pieces on exhibit right now as part of the BYU Visual Arts Faith in Works Committee exhibit, Nature and Nurture: Narratives of the Family. As part of the exhibit opening the I participated in a panel discussion in for all the 100 or so visual arts students. I was wedged in between Lee Udall Bennion and Justin Hackworth, with Brian Kershisnik, Chris Thornock, Madison Smith, Lisa Jackson, and Janis Wunderlich at the panel table. It was a historic moment for me, as I was chewing the fat with such successful and amazing LDS artists. It was really fun to be involved in the exhibit and it makes me want to crank some more art out.  
 Cousin Seth came to show his support and to "represent" the fam.
 The after party with E. and R. and Mitchell at Sammy's. I tried a cupcake shake, it was pretty good, but I think I'd rather just eat the cupcake by itself.
This last picture shows an exciting moment as FINALLY I was able to move to an apartment. I transported all my boxes out of storage, unpacked all my things, and made a huge mess. It was like seeing my long lost friends:  pottery from my talented ceramist friends, vintage books, a box labeled "costumes," my kitchen knives, flowery vinyl swim caps, my polka dot cotton sheets. It has been a long summer for me, feeling like a transient. Other people would probably not think it was a big deal to share a bed with your sister in Idaho, sleep in a stuffy cement house in Bolivia, or sleep on a brown couch in Utah that is beginning to sag in the middle with the contours of your bum, but after a while, it really started to wear on me. Hooray for new beginnings!    

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fascinating Womanhood, the documentary

Tonight Erin and I interviewed our neighbor Karen, about the book Fascinating Womanhood, which she read in the 70's. Karen is a wonderful, kind, and an extremely faith filled woman. She prepared us a magnificent dinner, allowed us to interview her, and then to top it all off, she even went swimming with us afterwards. She sent us home with a plate of freshly baked pumpkin muffins, words of encouragement, and a camera reel of excellent interview footage.

I love having a project to work on. Projects fuel me. I realize why I am such a lame grouch lately: I haven't been able to do projects. I think things are about to change for the better!