Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ben's Big Twenty-Four

Happy Birthday Benito! Still looking good after all these years. You've always been a source of tranquility and peace for our family. Ok. that's kind of a lie, we used to fight a lot and a couple times you threw the tv remote controller at me. You've grown up a lot though, and in more recent years you've been a great example and friend to me. You're ambitious, patient, tall, and really strong. :) Hope your birthday is FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bicycle! Bicycle!

I got a new bike this week! Yay. Now I am joining the ranks of those who own more than one bicycle, friends can join me now on my old bike (see picture below). Although I must warn them, I will probably smoke them and leave them in the dust, my new bike is THAT FAST.

Riding with my parents is always fun. Also, it should be a rule that all pictures with bicycles in them are sepia toned. bye bye...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Public

Ever get your film processed and the photographs comes back and you're stopped dead in your tracks? How did my supposed loved-ones let me out of the house dressed like that!? Or, why didn't anyone kindly tell me that I'm getting a double chin, Relief Society arms, or better yet, cankles? Apparently the person I've been seeing in the mirror does not match up with the reality that the picture shows. Not that people will really tell you the truth, but it does happen. Rosalie, our family friend in Mississippi upon seeing me the first time in 20 years said, "You a big girl (she catches herself here) but it looks good on you!"

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have always had "body issues," and it doesn't matter what weight I was at, it was never good enough. In high school I used to binge eat and then go running for miles. After one of my binge days where I ate a bunch of crap, I "fasted." I believe that's called starving yourself, but I called it "fasting" for legitimacy. (Religion gone wrong.) I've made loads of artwork about body image, written papers, visited with dieticians, blamed it on my mom, dad, bad genes, and most recently made films about it. Knowing that this "body obsession" takes up way too much of my time and keeps me from enjoying life, I've tried to shift my thinking and focus on the positive aspects of myself: how strong and robust I am (not husky, burly, or chunky.) How I can ride my bike, swim, and run. I have 10 toes. All my teeth are intact. And I'm good at making things, unlike Barbie dolls: really pretty, but can't do ANYTHING.

I bring this all up right now because it's stupid to let one "fat picture" ruin your day, ok? We are all so beautiful and speaking from my own experience, it is much better to not have an eating disorder than to have one and be an Olsen twin.

"listen to me, it's true!!!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

idaho is ideal

niece and nephew ducklings
the cakes at the county fair, i'm considering a castle cake for my dream wedding. what do you think?
or perhaps a barbie cake?
whitney took all these pictures.
lolo and myself. carnival lights, yay!
whit, lolo and myself ended up squishing into the scrambler ride. i like predictable things, after all these years it's the only ride i'll ever go on. hooray for the county fair. hooray for western idaho!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my new friends

(click on image for close-up)
who do you like best?
i think i had a charcoal mustache in the photo. how embarrassing...

Monday, August 11, 2008

The end is near!

summer semester is almost over!yaaaa! and it's my birthday. i'm 26. yaaa!
thanks for all the well wishes everyone!