Monday, February 25, 2013

The King's Digits

This is my finger above. I think it became infected after I picked at a hang nail and then did some oil painting- nothing like getting some mineral spirits and noxious pigments lodged in your skin. I'm hoping the swelling goes down soon, it's really uncomfortable, yet I still managed to play the organ in church yesterday.

Geoff, on the other hand is not so lucky. He broke his thumb on Thursday while playing basketball. Not to mention, that his pointer finger was already half missing from a fracking accident years earlier, his hands aren't looking too good. Today he goes to a specialist to make sure the bones will heal ok. Also,  today a drill fell on Asher's head while he rummaged for a straw in the pantry. I think the sky is falling....

Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend visitors

 My mom arrived on Friday and met up with me and Jessica at City Creek.
 Ruben and Laurie arrived Friday night. The next day Ruby, Asher and I rode the train down to SLC together.

 This picture shows the wonderful face markering that Ruby did and Asher allowed. When I found out about it, Asher kept putting all the blame on Ruby, saying she did it. I asked him if he tried to stop her, and he said, no. We're still working on that accountability thing (not blaming other people).
 Ruby took this of me while I was resting, during a frantic shopping day on Saturday. Why do all trips to Utah you end up spending most of the time on I-15 in between Draper and SLC. Lots of driving!
 Train riders.
One of the most fun things we did was go to the hot springs in Ogden. So wonderful! There was nobody there! That's what happens when you go in the am. The pools were the perfect temperature and depth for little kiddos! We all had a blast!
Thank you family for coming to town and brightening my weekend. A ward member at church asked if Lauren lived here or was visiting. He then suggested, "Why don't you move here?!!!"

That's what I want.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What's UP

 Jess and I are now regular volunteers at the Ogden Food Bank. We have a great time touching all the food.:)
 Below shows the freaky snow blitz that happened this afternoon. The snow was blowing in sideways! Wild!
 Asher took this picture of me while on the train. He's becoming a great little side-kick. I'm getting dependent on having him with me. I may have to start borrowing other people's four-year-olds when he's not available.

Also, my piano is finally getting repaired! For good!