Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exponent II

The summer issue of Exponent II is out. Read it here! I was happy to have some of my artwork featured. Look for some of my princess paintings throughout. :)

 "The purpose of Exponent II is to provide a forum for Mormon women to
share their life experiences in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.
This exchange allows us to better understand each other and shape
the direction of our lives. Our common bond is our connection to The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our commitment to
women. We publish this paper as a living history in celebration of the
strength and diversity of women."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

July stuff and stuff

 We celebrated Jessica's 26th birthday with a cupcake making celebration. I love that girl, and am blessed to have her in my life now.
 The cupcake liners are from Japan, courtesy of Erin.
 a little turd-like, yet delicious nonetheless
 Jessica,  Annika, Asher, neighbor boy. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. Yeah!
These last two photos show some projects I'm doing: Little floral oil painting, baby quilt for a co-worker. Also, I'm taking home decor!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh Canada!

 This year we missed all the major holidays spending Canada Day in the states and Independence Day in Canada. Geoff didn't mind- being the Canadian that he is, along with having a dislike for fireworks. I think Asher and I might have enjoyed waving a sparkler of two, thankfully there's always next year. Here's Asher and buffalo in beautiful Calgary.
 It was my first time to Calgary, so nice!
 By now, we made it to Edmonton. Here we are at the West Edmonton mall. It's humongous. Yet, true to my nature, I expired after about an hour of being there. Malls are cool and all, but there's a lot of other places I'd rather be. Asher loved the rides though.
 Edmonton is gorgeous. This river flows throughout the whole city. It was chilly weather there, see the sweatshirts?
 Asher took this photo while we explored a historic hotel.
The Hotel Macdonald staircase
 Gandhi. One of Geoff's fav's.

 Edmonton is a big big city.
 Shape theme: TRIANGLES
 We ate lunch in the Art Gallery of Alberta, then saw some cool exhibits by Louise Bourgeois, and Canadian native Alex Janvier.
 Asher was really uncertain about his gourmet mac and cheese. I sure liked it.
 my ok. pork sandwich with marinated cucumbers.
 the historic Hotel Macdonald mentioned earlier
Bossy pants. I wouldn't travel with me either. I'm so glad Geoff was so nice to me, because I can be a little snot sometimes. (We're still married after the trip, so I guess that means we're ok.)
 China town
 We stayed with Geoff's grandparents (his father's parents). Here we are at Geoff's aunt's house. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of Geoff's grandma with the dog, they have the same hair color and everything.
 Geoff and his aunt Janice, and her husband James
 Geoff's half-sister and family in his grandparent's backyard.
 yes, we went to mcdonalds (that has been my sanity this summer: kids are playing, I get a coke and check out all my online business). I try not to support corporate America so much, but Mcdonald's knows just what tired parents need.
 grandparents house
 the rental car and rental boy. oh wait, he's ours
Geoffrey King, Geoffrey King (yes, he is named after his grandfather), Asher King, Kathleen King
On the drive back to the US we drove through Banff. Those slate grey mountains were magnificent!
We drove 10 hours from Edmonton to Sandpoint, Idaho. We swam in the famous Lake Pend Oreille, then Geoff showed us his old haunts and some homes he lived in, including a school where he lit a fire on the roof. He lived there as a child from ages 6-12.
After swimming in Sandpoint, we hunkered down in our seats for another major drive from Sandpoint to McCall, Idaho. It was a beautiful drive, especially through the Palouse and then coming into Lewiston was gorgeous. The sun set after Lewiston and we drove the treacherous, Lewiston-McCall route in the dark, arriving at my grandparents cabin around 12:30am. Sleep never felt so good!
We got up early, left McCall and went to Boise where we reunited with the cousins. Asher was really excited to see "Wuby." And he also bonded with Hank and ended up borrowing some underpants from him. Asher kept calling him, "my friend." I think he had too many new names to remember, and "my friend" fit the spirit of the relationship.
We celebrated Asher's fourth birthday with angel food cake and whipped cream since Asher spent his actual birthday (July 1) strapped in a car hurtling down the freeway Canada bound.
After Boise we drove home, in the oh-so-familiar western landscape that we know and love. It is nice to travel and see new things, but perhaps even nicer to come home.
Home! And out to beat the heat with my little entourage: Jessica, Asher, Annika.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Road Trip/ My family is nuts

spending the holidays (Canada Day, Independence Day) in Edmonton, Alberta. More pics to come.