Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothin says lovin like something from the oven

I think I may have passed the test. I AM a Mormon woman: I bake bread (note the homemade freezer jam.) Plus, I play the piano. :)

Have a grand week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

updated art blog

this is my art blog/portfolio. it is a lame substitute for a web site, which i need to get. it isn't usually very up to date, nor am i very proud of it. but today it is full of newly acquired stills from my videos, so enjoy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Music and Mugs

Last night was the first ever "Music and Mugs" gala event, which turned out to be a whopping success. Four bands played music while patrons sipped tea and other hot drinks out of handcrafted mugs (which they kept), made by myself and other artist friends.
The pictured mug is by Greg Caldwell.
To see my friend Rachel's art click here.
To listen to the music you missed click here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Up and coming video...

Coming soon to an art installation near you...or near a computer monitor near to you. I realized yesterday that my final show is in exactly one month. To hear myself talk so much about the project makes me sick, it is an all-consuming project. I fret. I obsess. I talk too much about it. I feel like I won't live through it, but, really, we all know I will. And then I will have more time for blogging :), being a better cyber friend, and a real-life friend to the people around me. Already though, I have had a TON of help...counting my blessings...I am.

(the cinematographer is my friend Jim, and my band comrade Brian, is the leading male actor, and let's give some credit to Laura who took these photos, and Chelsea did my hair, thanks friends!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

who let the dogs out?

this is a very fragrant bin at the trailhead.
I thought I was going cross country skiing on Thursday with Erin, but actually it was a dog show. Dogs were hurling themselves into the snow, making pock marks in the groomed tracks with furry paws. Arches of warm pee were hurling through the frosty air, creating urine check-points at each snow mound for other dogs to join in. Dogs were digging holes in the middle of the path. Doggy wags and tails were whacking into my thighs and shins. As I surged forward on the trail, huskies, labs, chow chows, pugs, spaniels, and shetland sheep dogs passed me by, each with a frosty snow flurried beard around it's canine grin. Lining the trail were exquisite little treasure packs: neatly tied and parceled little plastic bags of poop. Dogs were smelling other dogs privates. Dogs were galloping down the trails in wild family packs. A dog chased Erin as she whizzed by. Dogs ran into my skis. Dogs! Dogs! And MORE Dogs! Sometimes I hate dogs.