Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cyber Hair: thank you whit.

This book literally saved my creative soul while I was a missionary in LA. Having nothing to read other than the Ensign, Liahona, Church News, and of course the Holy Scriptures, this book brought some much needed humor to my life. It also served as a reminder of who I was. While I served the Lord and made sacrifices of time and money, I also sacrificed my health and beauty. I had some of the worst looking hair ever to be seen. I reminesce about this book and the mission, because 1. I volunteered at the MTC this week (always nostalgic), and 2. I got my hair dyed yesterday by Rikki at the Paul Mitchell School, she has dark hair with a tuft of purple in the front. Here is my fashion face. I know, I know, the older we get the more we do the photo shot from that unnatural angle that only a giraffe bending it's long neck would ever see us at. It's the angle where we look skinny and big eyed, no matter what is really going on. I do this for two reasons: 1. feel like I'm 16 again
2. show you my new DARK hair.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Life!

More home videos... It was when Leslie died, and Mom had flown to Idaho to say goodbye to her. So Dad was home that day with Lauren and filming her while she played with Mom's high heels. Funny how I remember feeling totally out of control. First because I'm clutching Sarah so tightly as she is the one "directing" the horse around. Secondly, Topper is the one doing all the "directing," and as happened many a time when Sarah and I would ride Topper together, we would end up on the lawn screaming we wanted off because Topper was just standing there grazing on the lawn, ignoring our attempts to pull his head up and get moving. You can see the impertinance in his wily eyes.
This is Jennifer (Henry) Fielding and myself in our first debut performance together. We were the most handsome grasshoppers to ever exist, because when you think about a grasshopper, they have bulgy eyes, knobby knees, and long skinny limbs= UGLY. Not us though.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday's Work:


"Mother, I'm just not popular. I wish I could have good times with boys like the other girls." What a a world of anxiety these words can create. It is hard to know who is more deeply hurt, the daughter who is confronting a problem as serious as any she will ever face or the mother who does not know how to help.

Every intelligent mother is concerned that her daughter make the normal adjustment at adolescence. Every mother wants to promote the growth of confidence in relations with the opposite sex. The question is, what is to be done?

Such a problem calls for a sympathetic, well planned educational program. The child in this dilemma is a normal youngster. There are thousands of girls who have had good times and girl companions in abundance who at adolescence do not develop confidence with the opposite sex.

-excerpt from "Mother's Encyclopedia," 1951 ed. Article by Harriet O'Shea, Ph.D.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

from such great heights: back in the saddle...again.

If you've never ridden a horse, this is the view from the saddle. I rode a quarterhorse named "Lincoln," while my friend Renae rode his brother, "Colby." We look very stationary in the photos, but really, we rode fast and furious.

These are two little arabians that looked so cute and fuzzy in their winter coats. Hooray for horses! (this is the locket I used to wear with pictures of Jane and Blue in it, "keeping them close to my heart.")

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Santequin Slumber Party!!!

Went out to Santequin where we did some hair cutting, curling, puffing, and then some eventual flattening. Thanks to the Cherrington Family for hosting me and being such a good family to my little brother Benny.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Facts of Life

This came off the press today. I dedicate this print to Lissa Ward because it's about menstruation. Lissa made an artist book about moon cycles and other cycles. This piece relates to that, as it is printed on a tide chart that I found in an old abandoned warehouse in Bellingham. Lissa and friends were with me at the time that we found the tide chart. A couple months later the warehouse burnt down to the ground. This piece also goes along with my current work as it has to do adolescence and notions of femininity. hmmm...hope it doesn't gross anyone out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

busty BYU and Tuesday complaints

i'm taking a figure drawing class from LDS celebrity Robert Barrett. i just want to distort the figure and draw funny pictures, but i don't think that's the point. representational drawing isn't my favorite. it's all about discipline. SEE how tired drawing makes a person?
what makes you t-i-d, tired? sorry, this is a dumb post.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Golden Days of Yore

Sweet little Andrew
An exchange between Sarah and Emily
Ashley Henry, Lauren and Andrew
Ashley Barber pontificates
Dad and Topper

I was looking through some home videos doing research for my project and couldn't help but post some of what I found.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

basketball and birthday cakes

this may be the best chocolate frosting i've ever made. (happy birthday to friend/roommate chelsea by the way!) the secret ingredients are hershey's extra dark cocoa, whipping cream instead of milk, real unsalted butter, powdered sugar, and of course a little almond extract. the great thing about this frosting is that you can add cocoa powder to thicken it up so you don't have to add so much sugar, and it doesn't taste sickingly sweet, just chocolaty.

not sure why it's sideways. sorry! watch sergio's arm direct andrew where to go. I was lucky to be able to go see Andrew in action at a PHS basketball game. He's probably the buffest person on the team, you can see that we're related with our basketball prowess...uh, actually i hate playing basketball. i played one time on my mission and it about ended my companionship:"she just kept getting in the way."

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Missing Seattle...

i miss the frye art museum. it's always free admission!
(i always miss my mom) we ate at McCormick and Schmicks. i miss good seafood. (i guess) i never thought i'd ever say that. i'm just trying to go along with the themed blog entry. me!
of course i miss anna (pictured with novio maurice). she lives and plays scrabble in seattle now.

Move over Charlie, I've got the golden ticket!

Mom, Ben, and I toured Theo's organic and free trade chocolate factory, located in the Fremont district of Seattle: Tasty meets political and environmental correctness.
These are not english magistrates, or esquires, or mannequins.
on our best behavior...Violet's turning violet!
We tried the burnt sugar, fennel and fig, and rum filled chocolates. Ben was really into the rum chocolates.

For Finn: this truck was parked outside. It has little hot wheels cars glued onto the roof. pretty cool.