Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Our Lovely Deseret

This weekend my Mom and sister Erin came to visit. While my family knows that I don't really enjoy my new home and town, this weekend my Mom and Erin validated me once again on that point and gave me permission to write a "hate list." This list would include all the reasons why I don't like my situation. This list would help me see clearly if any of my complaints have any merit, for example, the sidewalks on campus are not walker friendly, they lead you the longest way possible to get to class, and are very inorganic in design- too symmetrical for me, and for some reason THAT REALLY BUGS ME. That is just an example of what would be on my "hate list." How important IS sidewalk design? That is a topic for another blog entry, but what I'm getting at, is that by allowing yourself to just full-on hate something, and not have to look on the bright side for one moment, it frees you to see how rediculous you are, giving you room to laugh and think positively. And that is why I've posted some great pictures that illustrate two positive things about Utah: 1. the greatest snow on earth and 2. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
I'm also including a behind the scenes video from the "Music and the Spoken Word" broadcast at the Tabernacle on Temple Square! Get excited.


Lfoxy said...

i know what you mean. it's like you have to fake that things are OK or something, that hate is BAD and unacceptable. sometimes we just have to let out the real truth of our feelings. like the other day, i was at fred meyer and tried on a bunch of underwear, and i mean a BUNCH of them, maybe 30 pairs. and you know what? i didn't hang ANY of them back up! i just left them all over the floor. man, did i feel guilty! it was GREAT!

S. Schuller said...

I love this entry. I think we all could use a little dose of accepting the things we hate entirely! Well said. I loved the pictures of the snow and the Mo Tab. I'm glad you had fun with Mom and Erin.

Mormon Soprano said...

Enjoyed the post :)