Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Times!

mallard's icecream in bellingham with galen: what could be sweeter?
mission reunions with jackie and beddes (not pictured, the photo didn't turn out.)
eric and lissa, when their love was young. and nurtured with mexican pastries and milk.

the church pigeons on garden street. they were fed every day by the bird woman featured in Disney's Mary Poppins, who lived in the "alamo" apartments across the street, where at night there were always drunk men urinating on the apartment dumpsters, side note.
wedding cakes. now that just makes me happy. i'm thinking of harvesting this happy valley area. there are myriads of weddings here, there may be money to be made (rubbing hands together greedily.)
i haven't posted in a while, and don't have much new stuff to report, hence the indulgent trip down memory lane...


Lfoxy said...

i don't know if should go public with my epiphany, but i guess i will. you and galen will marry. you're perfect for eachother.

S. Schuller said...

Em, you look so pretty in the last picture with your cake. You have a talent there. Go with it. You also have a talent in painting and you are going with that one already, so well. Looks like some good memories for you!

Anonymous said...

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Jan said...

Outstanding. I agree with Sarah. You look stunning.