Saturday, August 23, 2008

idaho is ideal

niece and nephew ducklings
the cakes at the county fair, i'm considering a castle cake for my dream wedding. what do you think?
or perhaps a barbie cake?
whitney took all these pictures.
lolo and myself. carnival lights, yay!
whit, lolo and myself ended up squishing into the scrambler ride. i like predictable things, after all these years it's the only ride i'll ever go on. hooray for the county fair. hooray for western idaho!


Rachel said...

I love all those pictures. Especially the one of you and Lauren in the Carnival light. Don't you love lighting like that? I think thats the (only) reason I like football games. Also, how funny would a barbie cake be for a wedding? Sooooo elegant. :)

ke said...

Hooray for your blog coming back to life!!!