Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Central

Chelsea's making baskets.
This is a couch pillow I made while in Idaho. My mom hates it. I can see how it's not very pleasant or welcoming (something about the teeth?). My mom and I have had this conversation before about why I can't make "nice" things? Which reminds me of something I read written by the poet Susan Wood:

Shortly after I started writing poems as a college student, my mother said to someone, "Why can't she write happy poems?" Well, Mother, if you're out there somewhere, I can. We all grow up.

I think we're all waiting for me to grow up, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy those "scary" teeth.

This is a bag I made to fit under my bike seat.
And here are my new bike shoes! I will have to photograph myself in the whole get-up. I feel like I'm turning into John Fox with all this bike gear I'm accumulating.


debfox said...

...and I didn't say I "hated" it... I do like the little pouch you made for your bike. So clever. You're a gem.

S. Schuller said...

I like the pillow alot, just not the teeth. You are so creative, E. I love your bike bag too. Very cool.