Monday, June 15, 2009

Sawtooth River Relay

Here is my aunt Vanessa trekking up the dreaded Galena Summit.
here is our lovely team. each team consists of six people, who run two legs of the race, each leg is about 5-6 miles long.
this is one of the hand-offs, just to be dramatic I sprinted to the end; no i am not that competitive and anal about "fast times. "
the mountains in the misty morning here is my uncle zach and i. he was running on another team, but we ran together for a little while, until he sprinted off down the road to the victory. oh, to be tall!


lissalynn said... are lookin good. i mean you look really healthy and happy! way to go!

Julie in the studio said...

Em, I think you are becoming my heroine. (No not the drug.) I love you so you cool girl, you. ( I am going to go try to find something cool to do now, unless taking all my cabinet doors off their hinges in the kitchen today counts.) Your print is going in the kitchen shortly. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Amy S said...

You are awesome.