Thursday, July 16, 2009


this is how I begin an etching, you can see the sketch on the right, and then I trace it onto the copper plate that has black gunky stuff over it. I draw through the gunky stuff to expose the copper, then it goes into the acid, which eats away the exposed copper. Then I ink the copper up and viola! Below is how the image looks once it's printed on a piece of paper. blah blah blah, it's hard to explain what "printmaking" is.

Also, I moved AGAIN. Here is my new bedroom!


Lindsay said...

Most interesting! Thanks for sharing your process.
Also, when will your next movie production be released?

Erin said...

that is beautiful em. thanks for sharing. i like your room. its functional, tidy and clean.

can you please put a calendar of your band schedule up so we can try to come to one of the shows? :))))

Lfoxy said...

glad to see you still have the temple plaque gracing your home. looks lovely. i need an artists touch on my bedroom decorating. when you get here, you can help me. also, if you have a little print that i could frame and hang on my wall, that would be cool. love you.

Amy S said...

Your room is cute and looks spacious!