Friday, August 14, 2009

Caked out.

It is true, you can have TOO MUCH cake. I am sugared out to the max (until tomorrow). This was yesterday and today's project: a chocolate groomscake/birthday cake and the 3-tiered wedding cake. I made the cupcakes with the extras (why the 2? was I pretending I have a two-year-old and the cupcakes were for her birthday? probably, too much domestic activity makes me daydream.)

This is the theme of the wedding cake: lemon and blackberry
Buttermilk cake with blackberries (dusted in flour for better baking!)

Putting it all together: lemon cake and lemon curd on the bottom layer, buttermilk blackberry with blackberry filling on the top, all frosted with a lemon-zesty buttercream frosting. Main ingredient for all this: BUTTER. :)
The final product: (before the fresh flowers and ribbon, I don't have a picture. sorry.)


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S. Schuller said...

Yum. I want a piece of that right now. Those cupcakes look delicious too. Nice job, Emily.