Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Making cider at my professor's house, building the kingdom one jug of cider at a time.
Below are some of the ceramic pieces I've been working on.

General Conference: We munched on the "dumpster cake" all through conference. Eric spotted it in practically pristine condition cradled in it's cardboard pastry box inside the Provo Bakery dumpster. We fished it out and it was an instant hit.


Lfoxy said...

emily. i knew you were an artist. a very fine one at that. but i guess i haven't seen your recent expertise (spelling?) in the field of ceramics. absolutely amazing. you have such skill. maybe you could construct bride-and-groom figurines for wedding cakes. i can see you doing that. so cool, your lady faces you made.

lissalynn said...

love the cracky glaze, em. and why wouldnt you take your art into the realm of ceramics? such a good idea i am so glad to see that you have such resources to let your inner artist flourish. ps cider looks delicious and the cake tasted better than it looks.

Jim/Blog said...

this is all really awesome