Saturday, November 7, 2009

getting gigs

Brian got us this gig at pirate island in orem. it is a glorifed chuck e. cheese pirate pizza parlor. we played for 45 minutes. people ate pizza. our friends cheered and clapped hands and one lone man in a booth kept yelling piratey things at us. we are thinking of becoming wedding singers. when we talk and scheme about it it sounds like something out of white christmas:
(Into phone)
Relax... I didn't ask you how much
it'll cost us...
(We hear an excited
high voice on the
Easy, easy, remember your blood
pressure... I don't care how much
it'll cost us... That's better...
Have everybody on the train first
thing in the morning. The whole
Troupe, and the scenery, and the
costumes... You'll have to cancel us
off the Ed Harrison Show... Oscar,
remember your blood pressure.
Incidentally, how much will this
(He hears some figure. -
It obviously is a
very large number)
Good night, Oscar.
(He hangs up)
There you are.


vantastic said...

i ate clam chowder. did you know that? probably not, because you were too busy being a fox pot. When you get a band name, i will gladly wear a pin sporting said name.

Lindsay, Shaun, and Enoch Weldon said...

Hey old friend! We need to chat.

Cause--I just found your blog---and I had a baby!

Jim/Blog said...

why didn't you tell me you were playing at Pirate Island?!?