Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend with Bridget

Bridget is such a brave woman. Her life is always an adventure- from living in Scotland, Hawaii, to Moscow Idaho:), traveling South Africa, New Zealand, South America, there isn't a place she hasn't been. She has taken on Chicago now in all it's glory and works as a substitute teacher by day and brilliant actress by night. It was great to spend the weekend with her in her historic house. She is a model for health and good manners: in other words we drank lots of tea.
Sunday we went to the Chicago Folk Music festival where we learned Greek and Jewish dances, then danced the two-step together for two hours while a band played Creole music. It was exhausting. and fun. It was also funny to be two women dancing together for a loooong time. Bridget is an excellent leader, and kept me from crashing into people, I wish I could say the same for me.
On the street where she lives.
It was fun to see my paintings hanging in Bridget's house. The doorknobs in Bridget's house were all like this. Chicago is full of these relics, I couldn't believe it, so cool. Thanks Bridget for a lovely weekend!

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Whitney said...

This has my heart pining for Chicago Towne! The ethnic festivals/restaurants/foods/neighborhoods are the best there!

J-Leav said...

Bridget looks lovely! I'm so jealous of your trip...what a fun time. Makes me wish for the super cool people I used to hang around :)

Carrie said...

I'm jealous, too. I miss Bridget! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time!

Wendi said...

I agree with Jamie- Bridget is looking pretty fabulous! It looks like you guys had an incredible time! I'm so glad for you guys!

hermanfox said...

oh hey girls- I'm so glad this got you all making comments on my blog, because I didn't know you ever looked at it :) Hope you are all well!!

Brooklet said...

Oh, I, too, am super jealous! I miss bridget so much! I would have loved to watch you and bridget try to master those dances. It brings a smile to my face thinking of you guys living it up in Chicago for the weekend!