Friday, April 30, 2010

The Brooklet House

My mom has been talking about the changes and improvements she has been making on the house. Living far away, I could never see what she was up to. Now that I am so close to the nest, you could say that I'm back in the nest, I thought I'd document the house for my siblings who are so far from the motherland of the fox clan.

Dad, reading the paper in the afternoon.
Andrew, asleep in the afternoon.
It wouldn't be home without "Todd the fox," I recall that Ben christened him with that name?

never mind the massacred bear cub on the floor...Ruby actually likes to sit behind his head and pet the ears.
The happy couple.

As Mom says: "To make a home is good. To love your home is better, but love at home is always best."

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Amy S said...

Um love their house! It's gorgeous. Tell your mom nice work!