Monday, May 24, 2010

Utah Valley University Podcast

Emily Fox, Installation from UVU Artist Series on Vimeo.

this came out today! in case you didn't get enough of my MFA installation, here is more. Can I just say it's embarrassing to watch yourself on camera and listen to your voice, and then why didn't anyone tell me I had some weird hair going on. Oh well! Good job to Scott, Travis, and Adam for making this!


Erin said...

That is great Emily! I really connected with what you said about the grocery store magazines. It was brave of you to let them film you.

Jim/Blog said...

that's an awesome video emily. laura and I miss you.

lissalynn said...

this is so perfect emily! i love how real you are as you are talking, it puts a face and a personality to your art. its so cool to hear you articulate your motives for creating the art you have. i thought you looked really pretty, even with the hair.
miss you, you are an inspiration to me