Sunday, April 17, 2011

New work, and donuts...

 This is my newest doll painting. She is the largest I have made yet.
 Heart locket detail.
 Also, last Sunday I fried up some of Phyllis Mason's Spudnut dough, it was delicious! There were coconut, powdered sugar, and cinnamon sugar donuts, what else can you do on a stormy Sunday night?


J-Leav said...

Emily- just so you know, I read your blog religiously. I hope that isn't weird and stalker-ish. But I passionately love your blog and your style.

Your creepy friend,

Jamie Thompson Leavitt

p.s. I also love your art. And I love donuts.

Lfoxy said...

those donuts look so good right now. i could totally go for one of those. or maybe 7 of them.