Friday, July 15, 2011

a makeover/ facial restructure

So I finished this painting a while ago and was never really satisfied. Here she is now:
 I pasted two photographs of my eyes over hers, and now I like it a lot better. It is a self portrait now. It is myself as a doll, but an intelligent and feeling one, with human eyes. On the bottom of the image are horses and a cherry pie. Next to the pie are the words, "Yes, I can bake a cherry pie."
 I was thinking about the song lyrics "can she bake a cherry pie, billy boy, billy boy." The song indicates that in order for a girl to be married she has to have kitchen skills, specifically cherry pie baking skills. That seems to be kind of a surface skill in my opinion, a non-essential to a happy marriage, but in answer to the question, I say "Yes. Yes, I can bake a cherry pie, so I guess I'm ready." :)  But instead of being a dumb plastic doll, I want to be an intelligent one. I don't want to be limited by my molded body, with joints that only go one direction, eyes that roll back in the head, and silent pursed lips...I don't want to make pies all day...just some thoughts about dolls...


Lfoxy said...

so cool, em. i would like to reserve this painting for my future living room. it will be awesome. you're awesome.

Julie in the studio said...

I just want to keep my eyes from rolling back into my head.