Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost Over

 The Summer magic here in Utah just diminished slightly with the passing through of the Carnival. I dropped Geoffrey off in Brigham City this weekend so that he could drive a carnival semi down to AZ. We pulled into Brigham late Saturday night, the Peach Days Festival was still in full sway with the Ferris wheel rotating and the "Death Drop" eliciting adolescent screams, by Sunday morning the streets were empty. Candy wrappers circulated in the wind and all the port-a-potty latches indicated "vacant"- only their tanks holding evidence of the crowd that once gathered. G was assigned to cart away the race truck, unhinged and separated into pieces like a giant Brio train track set. 
The "City of Fun" ready to depart (temple in background)

Geoff in the truck

After Brigham City, I headed to Logan to visit my long time friend and roommate Chelsea. She teaches art at a charter school there. It was a nice trip to the North, I'll have to go again soon!  
Miss McCoy

Here I am trying to assert my identity as "Artist"   :)

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