Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angry Day

I think there was an emotional hail storm that came through my body last night while I slept. It left my mood a brown stinking cesspool. I was angry all day long. The day began with some weird dreams involving our old home at 8106 Livingston, horses that nobody would let me ride, and people that I was looking for and couldn't find. Finally, after several terse interactions with people, and after the days work, I went for a walk in the evening. The walking combined with heavy breathing of fresh air as I climbed the side-walked hills of the Avenues, plus talking to calm Lauren on the phone eventually tempered the mood and finally quelled the 9 hours of bad moods I been weathering. I'm glad I survived. In the final blocks of my walk home, after the sun had set, I found some peace chanting these words aloud: "I don't know everything. I can't do everything by myself." While the words are not profound, they helped bring some clarity. Am I sounding crazy yet, or just like my Mom? :)
(Love you Mom!)

For your enjoyment here are some recent pictures from when the girls descended upon SLC. (Grandma, Mom, Lauren, Ruby)

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Lfoxy said...

i just got your package in the mail. and i just wanted to tell you that you look ssoooooo soo pretty in those pictures! your cute earrings, hair, everything. i especially love the first pic you posted, with all us generations of women. you're beautiful. so photogenic. kisses. thanks for letting me practice my therapeutic nursing skills with you--i am always there to offer an ear. holla anytime. :)