Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hot off the Press!

read this article from the City Weekly about my current exhibit! What do you think?


J-Leav said...

emily- I want to buy one of your pieces (if I can afford it). How do I do that?

Love- Jamie Thompson-Leavitt

Rachel said...

Hands down, favorite line is, " I hope that they would think twice about all that princess crap." When you are famous, that is going to be the line that is quoted in every major article they write about you! Love this collection of yours. :)

The Tom and Donna Johnson Family said...

I understand your point, but on the otherhand, I have no problem with the Disney-type princesses, who are usually cleaver and brave, as well as "beautiful" (and of course, they are all phenominal singers, too!). The princess concept is more appealling to me, than say, "The People of WalMart". But if all that is focused on is on the "empty suit" (or dress, as the case may be :-), then of course that can be harmful.

That being said, I admire your talent- you have a distinctive style which always keeps one thinking, which is what art is all about.


The Tom and Donna Johnson Family said...

BTW- I'm with Jamie (hi Jamie!)- I should probably purchase something now, before you become discovered and I can't afford anything!


Lfoxy said...

really cool emily! i love how you talk about your art. it's always neat to get the artist's opinion. i will never forget our trip to NY and i got to experience real art with a real artist. memorable.