Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ogden Town

We've been married two weeks now. It's been a whirlwind of activity! My life is changing changing changing in a major way. Here are some pictures of the changes. Pictured above is our house.
Change no. One: I live with a man in an old shabby house (needs more "chic", as my Mom would say). 

 Change no. Two: I am a dog owner. This is Bender. While he is not a pit-bull, he is related to that breed. Thankfully, he is not aggressive towards women. It was difficult for me to allow Geoff to put a kennel in the back of my pristine Rav4 to take Bender to the vet (never had pet germs in it before), but that is what happens when you marry into pet-ownership.
 Change no. Three: I am an instant mother. I have two little munchkins that show up one day a week and every other weekend. We had Geoffrey's son, and his son's sister this weekend. They enjoyed playing on ratty couch we pulled out of our house and onto the curb. We also enjoyed a little family hike out in the sunshine and through the snow that led to a shady stone wall.

Lastly, I think this picture illustrates well some of the new and exciting changes in my life: breakfast dishes of more than just me, someone who lets me put my feet on them,  and a little boy wearing nothing but briefs. Let us remember what Benjamin Franklin says, "When you're finished changing, you're finished."


The Tom and Donna Johnson Family said...

Congratulations! Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge quickly to enjoy the swim- no inching along in agony :-). Your husband has a great smile as well as excellent taste in women- now enjoy feathering your nest with all your great talent! Best Wish!!

The Tom and Donna Johnson Family said...

that's "es" :-)

Kori said...

Welcome to the world of little boys running around in their undies. I am happy for you! I had to laugh at the pictures of you with the dog. I have some very distinct memories of you not liking dogs. :) Thanks for sharing what is going on with you. I love to read your updates.

Lfoxy said...

loved the picture of you, geoffrey, and the children along the stone wall. you're such a nurturer. you're a blessing to that family (your family, asher's family, anika's family). you're fun, creative, entertaining, an excellent chef, and while dogs are stupid, that's very kind of you to accept the dog, too. again, asher's dimples are just too presh.

Jackie said...

Looks like a great instant fam to marry into!

I can't wait to see what you do with your new place... you've always had a way with shabby places (plates on the wall anyone?).

Deb said...

I like your house. Yes. It definitely resembles the "bungalow" your dad and I moved into after our marriage. Newly wed cottages haven't changed much in 32 years. It doesn't matter anyway. You're livin' on love.