Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ruben and Lauri come to town

 Asher and Annika enjoyed swimming with their new cousins, Ruby and Ivy.
 Ruby is one cute weirdo. She was concerned the train was unsafe because of the lack of seatbelts, but she found she enjoyed it once she got used to it.
 In Salt Lake, we met up with Erin. This is what I found coming into the Crystal Cave in the children's section of the public library.
 Also in the children's section of the library: beautiful models

 This is my favorite street in Ogden. It is a quiet street full of mansions, in the center is a public park. Once again, Asher and Annika loved playing with Ruby. I was dropping them off at their mom's house later that evening and after telling me all about Heavenly Father, death, and how prayers are answered ("poof! my flip-flops just appeared in front of my face!"- Annika) the topic turned to their new family. Annika exclaimed, "I never get to see my Idaho cousins." Then she said she loved her Grandpa Fox. I asked "why?" And she said, "Because he's my grandpa." I love my Dad too. Thanks for  sending Lauren, Ruby,and Ivy over, we really enjoyed having them. Lauren gave me a one-on-one tutorial on how to be a mom, and they all loved and cared for my little kiddo's. Thanks! 

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Deb said...

Nice photos Emily! Now that I have located your current blog, I will look at it more often.