Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My two Art jobs

 I'm still working at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Here's the new exhibit from Carlos Rosales Sanchez. The exhibit talks about stereotypes, cultural representations of race, and Carlos's own personal history. I think it will be a fun year of Art Trucking!

 Here's the truck parked in the heart of downtown SLC.

 This image shows a performance art piece from Jason Metcalf, it corresponds with his current exhibition in UMOCA that has to do with superstitions. Apparently, it's really good luck to have a red-headed woman ride by on a white horse.
 Here's the art truck all lit up at night.
 Lastly, here is my drawing class. Today we went outside and drew the large flocks of geese and duck that dwell in the school pond.

Life is good!


S. Schuller said...

Great post, Em. It's nice to get an update in pictures and words. I didn't know what the inside of the art truck looked like. Pretty cool stuff. Love you.

lissalynn said...

your living the dream emily, living the dream