Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!

 Thanksgiving day was delicious! We enjoyed wonderful company and tasty vittles, just like one should on such a holiday. Here are some photos from the meal!
 Mr. and Mrs. King. The former caught off guard and the latter with a beefy neck.
 My plate! yum!
 Aunt Sharlotte, the wonderful host. The details were a bit hazy to me, but at one point we all ended up with our napkins on our heads. It could have been too much wine, but I think there was a reference to a deceased relative who in jest always wore a napkin on their head at the meal...hmmm.

I am thankful for my new husband and son, and all my new extended family. I've enjoyed getting to know them and finding refuge and support in a whole new group of people.

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Erin said...

Fun times - I love seeing Deena there too :)