Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel

The Oratorio Society of Utah did a decent job performing Handel's Messiah. The soloists were good, most of them had doctorates in music, while the bass was even an anesthesiologist from LDS hospital. I sat in the top balcony by myself eating candy and drawing pictures. I would go again next year, I just hope the violins have a chance to practice some more between now and then.


Lfoxy said...

i'm reading your blog and am just thinking how cool you are. i wish i had as much talent as you. your illustrations remind me of a little short film that they might show on pbs or something in between programs, you know, the little animated ones that are just slides of pictures with very little movement of the characters, and they have voices for all the people...if that makes any sense, that is what your illustrations reminded me of. really cool.

debfox said...

i like your drawings too, emily. remember when we went to the CUP church "Messiah" choir and sat there drawing the singers and taking turns guessing which singer it was? that was funny.

rebecca said...

Okay, that violins comment was hilarious!

What are the holiday plans?