Monday, December 31, 2007

Aunt Bee's Bottom

Lauren said to me one Sunday as she followed me into our apartment, "Emily, you've got a big bottom (as if I didn't know already)." Well, it's not as big as Aunt Bee's! My mom and I watched some Andy Griffith re-runs for the New Year, and I made this. That's the stuff Mayberry (and Aunt Bee) is made of. Happy eating, and good luck with all the New Year's resolutions!

Resolution Number One: I will increase my high fructose corn syrup intake this year.

just kidding.


S. Schuller said...

Emily, those cinnamon rolls look divine! Great post. I was laughing so hard at Aunt Bee's bottom! Eat a cinnamon roll for me, would'ja?

Lfoxy said...

emily, you know you have a great bottom. you've got bottom!