Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do...

This week I said goodbye to my dear friend Julie. She and her sweet little family are moving to the deep south. While we had lost contact for a good 5 years, when we found each other again it was like no time had passed and I wondered how I had gotten by for so long without her creative and crazy effect on my life. She is a royal princess and that is why she got the princess cake. It fits her well. Happy Birthday Julie, and Happy Moving!!!

I also said goodbye to herman Jackie, my mission companion and example for life. (sorry I didn't make you a princess cake, you're a princess too!) Jackie gave me some John Wayne paper dolls at our parting, yes! yes! yes! I ate about 4 pounds of sweet pork salad from costa vida, Jackie, being the gentlewoman that she is, ate a normal womanly portion. (Afterwards I conked out in my bed for about 4 hours.) I will miss Jackie, her wit, her sense of humor, and what she teaches me about how to be married. She DOESN'T teach me how to dress though. I could have used some help, as you can see from the picture of when I showed up at her wedding reception in Aberdeen, Washington a year ago. She still loves me even when I dress weird, and she still loves me even though I was a jerky mission companion much of the time. (Remember when I used to ring the doorbell twice while knocking doors? Honestly, I did it just to be a punk, and I knew you didn't like it. What a BRAT!)

Good luck in your new towns and being the new kids on the block! I will miss you both.


Julie in the studio said...

You are so sweet and cute Em. The Barbie cake melted all the way home (in my luxurious NO a/c car) but I ate it up anyway-- and shared some too. Wow. I don't think I have ever been referred to as a princess before. I think in the deep south that has a negative connotation, but I'll take it. Princess I am. Thanks.
I love you too Emily. I am going to miss you.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Foxy!! A goodbye lunch over sweet pork really hit the spot.

Oh, and you weren't a jerky companion. My boatload of annoyingness (remember the cold water-shower incident??) really evens things out.

PS- That cake turned out delightful.