Saturday, June 14, 2008

Runnin' Around

As you can see I had an enjoyable time at the Sawtooth River Relay Race this weekend. Here I am pictured with "the brownies" team. I was so hungry after running, I could have eaten that tasty looking leg I was holding.
The race goes from Stanley, Idaho down to Sun Valley, a total of 62 miles. Our team consisted of six running women and two volunteers to help out with logistical matters. Each person on our team ran 2 five-six mile legs. In the morning I ran 6 miles with a slight elevation gain of 300 feet. In the blazing and glaring afternoon sun I ran 5 miles with a decrease in elevation of 300 feet. My aunt Vanessa ran the famous Galena Summit leg of the race. That leg was five miles with an increase of 1000+ feet. DIFFICULT. It was a good reminder to myself that I can do hard things... and my aunt can do even harder things.


Wendi said...

Way to go Em! You Foxes never fail to impress me with your running.

Lindsay said...

Wow, Emmils. Uh, I mean... Wow, Herman!! You are my new hero. Amazed and awe-struck I am.
What did I do this weekend? Drove 150 miles one way for Mexican food. Ha!

debfox said...

You got bottom. So does your Aunt Vanessa.