Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

The weekend's race ought to have been sponsered by Pepto-Bismol. Thank you Pepto-Bismol, Lissa and I couldn't have made it without you. Why does running give you the runs? I survived the Bryce Canyon half marathon this weekend. It was a beautiful downhill 13 miles from Ruby's Inn, Utah to the little town of Cannonville. The night before the race I slept in my tent off the side of the road with Eric and Lissa nearby. We slept to a chorus of coyotes and a lone baritone cow mooing all night: not very restful. Here's a proud moment of me and Jen sporting our medalsMembers of the Henry clan in Manti
Lissa and Eric overlooking the scenic and foreign-tourist-filled Bryce Canyon. My favorites were the little French tourist boys. Little French speaking boys are so cute.
I felt like and eighty-year-old man trying to shuffle my way down the trail, my knees were so stiff. Next time I go to Bryce Canyon, I'm going to wear rollerblades and skate down the trails, I think it will be faster and put less strain on the ol' body. Also, next time I do a half marathon I'm going be impervious to stomach illnesses, this race reminded me of an earlier one in Moab: burps that smelled like farts. Think on that and be grateful for your healthy bowels, that's my parting thought.

(I'm sorry if this post included to much information and scarred the delicate sentiments of some of my readers.)


TheNiceOne said...
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Amanda said...

Oops, I accidently posted a comment using my old blog. I couldn't even run a quarter marathon if I tried, let alone a half. Definitely a goal of mine though. Keep it up!

Whitney said...

whoop whoop for half marathons and southern utah in the dead heat of summer.