Friday, March 13, 2009

150 cupcakes

Here's a sweet treat for you to enjoy, visually! There's chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. I made them with cake mixes, but substituted half and half for the water, and butter for the oil. The lemon cakes have lemon zest in the frosting, in case you want to make some for yourself. I made them for an art exhibit reception, let me just say, the attending kids all had about 4 each. What is it with kids and cupcakes?


S. Schuller said...

Yum! I want one of those right now. (Okay, I want one of each!)

Sutton said...

Mmmm those look delicious!!! My mouth is definitely watering right now. Man, if only visual treats were as satisfying as the actual taste, texture, and "fillingness" of a real treat! We should invent something like that.