Thursday, March 5, 2009

Schmaltzy's Debut

Somehow our drummer Josh didn't make it into any of the photographs, the rest pictured are A-Train Willey on stand-up bass, Rhett on guitar (check out his 3 heads), and me on the vocals.

So you can feel like you were there, here is our "Bellingham Bike Song." It was a fun show, and it went pretty well for our "first" performance. Also note my new guitar, yee-haw! (funny, this song is the only one I don't play guitar on.)
Here we are recording! Lauren, get over here NOW!


Jackie said...

Dear Schmaltzy,

I do feel like I was there. Thank you.


PS- You sound great!!

ke said...

Beautiful. I love you on stage soo much.

lissalynn said...

yeah for bikes! you are a rock star. and i have to say... you ... look.... good!
keep on rockin

Amy S said...

You seriously are a rock star. I'm jealous. :) Wish I was in Provo so I could come to your concerts.