Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautiful Zion

 I have been told I have nice eyes, but not here. These eyes say it all- what it was like to camp in Zion's National Park, in January.
 view from Angel's Landing trail
 Lissa and Eric checking out the route for the Chinle trail.
 Breakfast time!
 Breth (Brett and Beth), Lissa's brother and sister-in-law
 Our river campsite
Here was our campsite on the Chinle trail, it was beautiful, and if you can't tell, as soon as the sun retreated it got COLD. This may have well been the most memorable Martin Luther King Holiday I can remember, thanks friends for taking me with you!

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lissalynn said...

not sure what you are implying becuase i think your eyes are still lovely. i was so glad you came and so sorry to hear you had a cold night the last night. i hope it doesnt taint your backpacking experience and you go some more and more.....