Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Photo Shoot

 "Fistfuls of dolls"
Marc, throwing cards into the air for everybody's amusement


Lfoxy said...

cool emily. i love that all your friends are "dolls" just like you. especially that last one ;)

S. Schuller said...

Em, you look just like Ida Grace Watkins Fox in the second photo. Exactly alike. What a cool photo shoot. You are such a "doll."

Lindsay said...

go to this link to find a cool project you can do with those dolls once you get a new phase!

lissalynn said...

i love these emily! perfect!!!

Deb said...

Why did you take Erin's doll and make her mad?

Deb said...

Is that PeeWee Herman in amongst the beauties in the first photo?