Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Geoffrey turns 31!

 Here is my handsome husband, Geoffrey, on the first day of his 31st year wearing the shirt I bought him for his birthday.
 My parents, Erin, Asher, and Deena (Geoff's mom) all came together for a steak dinner at The Prairie Schooner Restaurant followed by cheesecake at home. You can see how present some people were for the evening (I should have confiscated the i phones upon entry at the door, ha!).

 While it was Geoffrey's birthday- I was trying to pay attention to him, while still relishing all the lavish attention my doting parents paid me. :)
This last picture was taken for comparison purposes. My dad and I were trying to see how much we look alike.

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Lindsay said...

You look so cute! Glad you could enjoy Geoff's birthday with family! Miss ya!