Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Maidenforms: Vegas Art Show

 Las Vegas was fantastic! Corny architecture, throngs of intoxicated persons, glitz, glam, and...MY ART! Jessica and I drove down on a Thursday and returned on Saturday for a quick art show install and visit with friends. This was her first visit to "Sin City" and we sure enjoyed ourselves (the most sinful thing we did was eat frozen yogurt for dinner.).

 The art show involved some oldies mixed with a couple new pieces, including this cat painting paired with Annika's princess.

 Heaven-sent Jennifer Fielding showed up to help me set up the art. She held pictures, gave opinions and feedback, and made the set-up process much much easier.

 Jessica and I had a nice time buying trinkets, posing for pictures, and seeing the lights.
 Yes, we even met Pee Wee.
 This is Emily Foster, the owner of "Other Voices Gallery" and the one who invited me to exhibit. We stayed at her home. She was so hospitable to us, even had dark chocolate candy bars from Trader Joe's placed on our pillows upon arrival.
 Sights and lights!
 This is the "Emergency Arts" building on Fremont where the gallery is housed.
 At the reception.
 There were firefighters at the reception. Not sure why, but we took a photo op anyway!

 Jessica took this picture of me while we toured around.
 Fortunately (or unfortunately) neither of us qualified for a free meal.
It was a nice quick trip to the warm south! Thanks to all for making it possible!

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