Wednesday, November 21, 2007

little baby sister Lauren is 20!

Lauren is a hip guitar player and singer (even when some wierd guy keeps talking to her),
a very serious shopper, as seen here at Goodwill in Seattle,
plus a great sister/friend. Happy Birthday Lauren! I love you!

p.s. i know i can't call you my "little baby sister" anymore. that was the last time. ok?


Lfoxy said...

thanks emily. it feels real good to have some family that thinks i'm cool when i really don't think so. i love you and am soo excited to see you when you come in a few weeks. we NEEED to play guitar like old times. and maybe we could make some sugar cookies.

Lfoxy said...

and it's ok if you call me little baby sister. it's almost as cute as little baby kittens. i decided we're gonna get a kitten cuz they are so cute...little baby ones.