Sunday, November 18, 2007

all about me me me...

Lauren tagged me to answer the survey. so here goes:
1. ideal place to live: anywhere but provo. ha ha ha
2. jobs i've had: babysitter, kids camp counselor, swim instructor, winco deli worker, book layout, janitor for my dad's office, campus security, currently i'm a student and an art instuctor at a university (sounds impressive, eh?)
3. my junior high, high school, and college years: grades 6-8 were the best years of my life. why? i had a horse named Jane. i had a long pony tail and wore shorts and coyboy boots while riding her in the fields around my house. heavenly. high school was o.k. i was into the beatles, astronomy club, and tyler mcdonald. college has taken a long time: ricks, byu-idaho, western washington, columbia basin college and now byu. feels like freshman year all over again.
4. how did i meet my husband: i was sitting in the library with my nose in a book on edgar degas and he walked past, as he walked by he dropped the pen he was holding, so i picked it up, when our eyes met, i knew. i just knew.
5. describe myself: as of right now i'm extremely pessimistic and i can hardly stand myself. where is that carebear stare when you need it?
6. family: i'm part of the fox family. we are seven siblings. i'm the only one who is 25 at this moment. (years ago i mathematically figured out how sarah (2 years older) and i were the same age, her birthday is in may and mine in august, not accounting for the years between us, i concluded that during may-august we were the same age. it made sense to me at the time. i'm still not a winner in math.
7. my biggest accomplishment to date: i can play the tambourine with my foot.
8. my guilty confession: when walking to downtown in bellingham, i used to walk through the co-op to fill up on the crackers and artichoke dip. i'd take a sample, do a lap around the store and then take more samples, and then just walk out the door, crackers and dip in my mouth, and carrying even more in my hands. that's how i was a part of the 'community' co-op.


debfox said...

you always amaze and delight me, emily. I never know what to expect. funny!

Erin said...

I am chuckling for a good minute after that last comment. Sometimes I make my walking/running routes include a stop at the farmers market sampling fair.

Whitney said...

So funny em.

Jill Erb said...

Hello Emily!!

It has been along time. I am glad to hear that you are teaching art. I bet you are a fabulous teacher. I'd love to hear more, so I am going to scan yoru blog. You can read mine at

(And it is Jill-formerly-Walker in case you were wondering who the heck I am)

Lfoxy said...

what is it with sampling food in the stores? you don't want to look like you're super hungry by eating all the samples, but deep down you are starving and could eat the whole tray if you could...i know the feeling. Costco does that to you too.

CrowFam said...
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CrowFam said...

I love your comments about middle and high school. Those were fun times!

Jennifer said...

Emily, I've avoided blogs at work long enough (the corporate offfice says they can see what websites you go to when you're on the computer at work.) Let 'em see! It's worth it. I thought you should know that I'm moving to Provo. I'll be there on Dec 14 or 15. Hopefully we can delete Provo off your "places I never want to live" list.