Saturday, January 5, 2008

Move over Charlie, I've got the golden ticket!

Mom, Ben, and I toured Theo's organic and free trade chocolate factory, located in the Fremont district of Seattle: Tasty meets political and environmental correctness.
These are not english magistrates, or esquires, or mannequins.
on our best behavior...Violet's turning violet!
We tried the burnt sugar, fennel and fig, and rum filled chocolates. Ben was really into the rum chocolates.

For Finn: this truck was parked outside. It has little hot wheels cars glued onto the roof. pretty cool.


Chelsea said...

Hey Em, your mom is my Visting Teacher...she's probably reading this. When she comes to visit and they ask at the end of the visit if there is anything they can do for me, I'm going to say yes, Sister Fox, I'm in need of some major decorating help/tips/advice for my basement apartment. You think she'll be game? Maybe I should get some Fox in Sox art work to hang in here.

pinklady said...

isn't theo's chocolates the best? we always stop in for samples whenever we go to the fremont sunday market...which is pretty often! so fun you were here to visit!