Friday, October 31, 2008

Caricatures in Brigham Square

If I can't ever get a job, I may have a career in being a caricature artist, although I'm not sure I'd like it all that much. I wore my hair in an afro to go along with my dorky halloween costume I wore later in the evening. I got paid 40.00 an hour, not bad! I may have to start doing birthday parties and the like. :)


Jackie said...

Excelente!! I love:
a) your hair
b) your caricatures
c) you 40.00/hour

Happy Halloween indeed!!!

lissalynn said...

hey those look pretty good. and i love the hair. happy haloween emily! i miss having a pumpkin carving party and eating pumpkin pie and watching the leaves blow across the road and riding bikes while wearing sweaters... with you. miss ya