Thursday, October 9, 2008

Girl get your bass face on!

Guess what!
Saturday October 18, 2008 you can come watch me get my bass face on, Electron Deception will be playing along with Mathematics Et cetera and Elizabethan Report at Velour in Provo.
watch out Provo!

ummm, hey also I might as well do a shout out for my ward talent show. It's on Monday! I'll be playing the guitar and singing a song...could be good, or not.


galen said...

can i come see you at velour? can i help out in any way? i want to jump in and be useful in my new community, even though most everyone will vote for McCain. but seriously, anything i can do to help. or, you know, maybe all you need is a groupie.

hermanfox said...

hello-yes. g, I need all the groupies I can get.

Lindsay said...

hey, pretty friend! LoVe the hair in this pic. maybe i will journey down for the electron deception show... what day is the 18th? i'm lost without my calendar.

debfox said...

Cool, Emily. You are the cool retro girl with your bass face and polyester shift that I never was. Way to be hip! And I know you aren't trying to be HIP. (Even though the Fox girls have bottom)

hermanfox said...

yes, mom, the fox girls have big bottoms. and linds, the 18th is this saturday!

lissalynn said...

hip hip hooray for talent shows! remember the foxy ladies debut! i just played at my schools talent show today! one song in spanish and one in english... you guessed it moscas in la casa-shakira and meant for you-jewel.
rock and roll super trooper!